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How to open a ticket with Support

The GAN platform brings together all data of your compliance program into a single, integrated solution (to know more about GAN, please visit here).

However, as GAN is an online platform, you may have some questions, how-to, issues, or even defects (bugs) to report.  Before submitting a ticket to support, please go through the following steps and include the needed information on the ticket. These steps will avoid unnecessary back and forth via email and faster troubleshooting on our side.

The more information you are able to provide with the ticket request, the better Support will be able to understand and help you. The team finds screenshots, URLs, and a thorough description particularly helpful.

If you are experiencing issues with trainings, please do read here as the required information may vary.

Check-list for a Support ticket

When submitting a ticket regarding, please include the following information. This will help Support help you faster and in a more efficient way.


Please copy the URL so Support can identify the instance you are referring to.

The URL is the address of a website. You can find it in the address bar at the top of your web browser.


Could you write a couple of sentences explaining the issue you are experiencing?  Please include entity, case, or issue IDs.  If a user is having an issue please include their system email address.

For example, tickets only stating that "It's not working" are time-consuming both for Support to troubleshoot and for you, as Support will have to reply back asking for further details which could entail delay in the resolution of the issue. If your ticket is for a question, please formulate what your intention is, what you are expecting and how it is currently. All of this will allow Support to help you navigate the platform.


Which browser are you using to access the platform? Have you tried different ones? Is the issue the same across browsers?

GAN advises all customers to use the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox as these are actively maintained by developers and are patched for performance and security updates regularly.


Could you attach a screenshot to your request?

A screenshot always helps direct Support towards a more efficient help. It could be the screenshot of a blank page, a loading page, not being able to move forward from a specific slide, etc. No matter the issue or the question, a visual attachment is always helpful to Support to investigate and digest the nature of your request. 


Are you the only one experiencing the issue? Do you know if other colleagues are facing the same difficulties?

This is not necessary information and we do not expect you to know it, however, if you happen to have this information it would be useful for Support to investigate further into the issue.


Once all the information above has been added to the ticket request, please read below to know how to assign priority and request type to your ticket.


Submitting a Ticket

  • Submit Request: When a user selects the ‘Submit Request’ button on the home page, they will be directed to the Request Submission form.  This form contains various fields that will assist the GAN Support Team in resolving any question or issue that the user has encountered. 
  • CC:  Logged in users have the ability to CC other individuals on a ticket.  These individuals will receive email notifications and details whenever the ticket has been updated
  • Subject:  A brief overview of the ticket details
  • Description:  A more detailed explanation of the issue or question.  In this section, it is helpful to include as much information as possible.  Including any impacted user information or screenshots is the most helpful for the GAN Support Team’s investigation
  • Type:  The type of request being submitted. This can be a:
    • Question (seeking clarity e.g. how do I create a campaign)
    • Incident (technical difficulties e.g. a drop-down menu is not presenting all options)
    • Problem (something appears broken or misleading e.g. a button is no longer appearing)
    • Task (an adjustment in a feature restricted to GAN Admins e.g. updating approvers) 
  • Priority:  The priority of the ticket.  Please reference the following table defining each priority and its definition
Urgent Critical production issue affecting all users, including unavailability and data integrity issues with no workaround available.
High System functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced. Issue is persistent and affects many users and/or major functionality.
Medium System performance issue or defect affecting some but not all users.
Low Minor incident with few users impacted. Inquiry regarding a routine technical issue; bug affecting a small number of users. Acceptable workaround is available.
  • Attachment:  An attachment can be uploaded as the ticket is created. (e.g. a screenshot that describes the nature and origin of an issue or question).

Want to know more?

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