Status and Updating a Submitted Ticket



Status of a Submitted Ticket

  • Once a ticket has been submitted, users will be able to follow the status of the ticket by accessing the ‘My Activities’ section where they will be able to view the below screenshot:


  • This page allows the user to view various tickets and details.  At the top of the table a user is able to view requests that they have submitted (“My requests”) or requests they’re CC’d on (“Requests I’m CC’d on”).  Additionally, there is a third option “Organization requests” where a user is able to view all tickets submitted by individuals within their organization.  This option can be turned on or off for each individual.
  • This page also displays high-level information for each ticket with each column defined below:
    • ID: This column displays the Zendesk Ticket ID
    • Subject: This column displays the Subject of the email that is entered by the ticket submitter
    • Last activity: This column displays the date since the last update was made to the ticket
    • Status: This column displays the status of the ticket.  The below table shows the possible statuses and the definition of each:





Ticket is assigned to the GAN Support Team and is currently being worked on


GAN Support Team has reviewed ticket and additional details or confirmation is needed from the user


Ticket has been solved by the GAN Support Team and user is able to proceed


Updating a Submitted Ticket

Once the GAN Support Team responds to a ticket, the Requestor and any individuals CC’d on the ticket will receive an email notification that contains all ticket comments.  Any replies to this notification will be captured directly in the ticket and users will not need to log back into the system to update a ticket.


New Question, Incident, Problem, or Task? 

As a ticket refers to one question, incident, or task, we suggest new issues should be raised as new ticket requests.

This ensures that the next available agent can attend to your ticket as soon as possible.


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