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The Third-Party Relationships menu option serves as the starting point of the Due Diligence process, where a user can initiate a new relationship with a company and/or a person by entering key reference information. Depending on the role assigned to the user, it also provides an overview of relationships with companies and persons, which can be confirmed. If enabled and configured by your Implementation Manager, it also allows you to view reports as well as widgets. 



As a Compliance Manager, you can see all the third parties in GAN ICM. You can search for third parties using the regular search or use Advanced Search options to search for third parties based on specific criteria or answers. You can also export all third parties using the Download (export) option. There is an option for you to filter third parties on the dashboard as well. Further to the administrative view, there are roles that can restrict what a user can see and/or action in the Due Diligence module. 

Overview of key functionalities 


Click +CREATE to enter key reference information either for Companies or Persons followed by the initiation of the workflow (Category)  

Reports are enabled and configured by your implementation manager to display your third party data in charts such as a world map to show where your third parties are concentrated, geographically. 

Widgets are enabled and configured by your implementation manager, which can a combination of free text, link to a help guide/video or images. 
Simple keyword search across all columns and rows in the table 

The search term can be restricted by a specific column through the Search In dropdown menu. The Search For radio buttons allow searching for an Exact Match or a phrase Containing a search term

Export third party relationship data to .csv 

Individually configure which data columns you wish to see on the Due Diligence Overview page. Note: your Implementation Manager will need to enable this for you. 

Filters allow for the refinement of data presented in the UI. This includes

  • Screening Status (matched, discarded, etc.)
  • Status (approved, rejected, etc.)
  • Countries
  • Categories
  • Risk Rating (high, medium etc.)
  • Days Questionnaire Pending  


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