Domain-name whitelisting, Firewall and facilitating Email Communication from the GAN platform




This document contains system requirements for tenants (clients) to utilize the GAN Integrated Compliance Management (GAN ICM) platform, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform accessible through a web browser.

It describes the following:

  • HTTPS / TLS requirements

  • Domain-name whitelisting and Firewall
  • Securing Email delivery 


  • GAN recommends allowing users within the tenant's network to access: Traffic via HTTPS (port 443) to all subdomain* .

  • To ensure uninterrupted service, we recommend to be whitelisted.


GAN ICM is web-based and thus the solution is only accessible by a web browser with a valid internet connection. We have collated an outline of officially supported browsers that enables users to take advantage of all products & features at the expected performance. Generally, updating to the most recent versions of browsers is key to benefit from optimum service, while staying safe and secure.

GAN ICM only allows traffic that is encrypted (TLS via HTTPS). HTTPS (HTTP secure) displays the URL address bar with a padlock on your web browser to indicate a secure connection. The encryption protocol, TLS (Transport Layer Security) ensures secure communications with your instance of GAN i.e, it is enabled by default for all subdomains; this facilitates privacy and data security for the end-user.


Domain-name whitelisting and Firewall

In order to provide the assurance that users of GAN ICM are interacting with the application in a secure environment, domain-name whitelisting is an effective method to ensure transactions that were intended by the tenant are not re-routed to a rogue website or hijacked. The tenant is defined by the subdomain (usually client name) of the instance i.e. https://<subdomain>, whereby the subdomain enables the use of all GAN ICM services.

GAN recommends allowing users within the tenant's network to access: Traffic via HTTPS (port 443) to all subdomain* .

To ensure a wide array of geographical reach, GAN serves static content via a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to provide fast and reliable service to all geographies.


Optional whitelisting

GAN ICM is accessed via https://<subdomain>,  where HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are served from (the front-end). The front end uses data from API’s (the back-end). The back-end is served from subdomains under The back-end is also restricted to only accept HTTPS traffic. 

Static content (such as custom images, policies, and e-learning content) is served from GAN’s secure storage service. This is served via HTTPS on subdomains under . To ensure uninterrupted service, we recommend this domain be whitelisted.

Furthermore, CSS & fonts are served via HTTPS on subdomains under .

Last but not least, GAN utilizes Bugsnag for application stability monitoring , which can be optionally whitelisted as far as your policy allows.



GAN ICM sends out e-mail reminders and notifications to users. The e-mail sender address from the tenant instance can be configured by your GAN Implementation or Account Manager. In order for GAN ICM to send e-mails on behalf of the tenant, GAN recommends that DNS (Domain Name System) records are configured accordingly. To combat e-mail spoofing and for GAN ICM to act as an authorized sender for your domain, GAN utilizes a policy, SPF (Sender Policy Framework), that defines which mail servers are authorized to send on behalf of the domain. DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) will be generated to ensure digitally signed delivery of e-mails coming from the tenant’s GAN ICM instance. To secure email delivery, a GAN Implementation or Account Manager will authenticate your domain (through Send Grid, our email service provider) and generate CNAME (Canonical Name) records unique to your instance, which will need to be verified through a handshake post-implementation.

As a secondary or potentially an additional option to ensure successful e-mail delivery, you may choose to whitelist GAN’s IP. All e-mails sent from GAN ICM will come from the IP address - GAN suggests whitelisting emails from this IP address to prevent e-mails from getting caught in spam filters or otherwise affecting successful delivery.

Should the above instructions transgress any of your policies then you may choose to use GAN’s No Reply email that can be configured by your GAN Implementation or Account Manager as that is not monitored.

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