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How to activate your account

  1. Go to your company's portal (usually the URL is https://*Company's name*
  2. Click on First time login
  3. You will be prompted with the New User form where you will be asked to enter your account's email address and the verifying code as shown in the example below:
  4. Once the information is filled in, click on SETUP ACCOUNT
  5. You will be prompted with a message saying that an email was sent to the provided email address

    NB: The email with the reset password link will be sent to the entered email address ONLY if the email address is connected to an account in the  system. If the email hasn't arrived (and you have already checked in the SPAM folder), please contact Support

  6. On the email you received, click on Confirm your email address
  7. This should open a page of your browser with the Create a new password form
  8. Choose a password that follows the below criteria and repeat it a second time

    Password requirements:
    1 lowercase [a-z]
    1 uppercase [A-Z]
    1 number [0-9]
    1 special character [!@#$%^&*]
    8 characters long

  9. Once the password has been set, click on CONTINUE

    NB: The CONTINUE button will only be enabled if the two passwords correspond, if this is not the case the CONTINUE button will not be clickable.

  10. You will then be prompted with the Welcome! form asking you the language you wish to have the portal set up in and your location
  11. Once the above information has been selected from the two drop-down menus, click on GET STARTED
  12. Your account has now been activated and you can start using your portal.



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