How to export a list of all employees


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About the employee export

The employee export functionality will allow you to download the list of all accounts that are currently on the platform, with information regarding every account.


How to download an export of all employees

  1. Select Employees from the USER MANAGEMENT section of the sidebar
  2. From the Employee dashboard click on Export XLXS (mceclip0.png)
  3. This will trigger the download of an XLXS file containing the following information:
    Label Description
    First Name This column contains the first name of the employee.
    Last Name

    This column contains the last name of the employee.


    This column contains the username of the account.

    Email This column contains email address of the employee.

    This column contains the language chosen from the employee.

    If an account hasn't been activated yet, the language shown will be the default language for the portal.

    Roles This column contains the roles assigned to the account.

    This column contains the status of the account.

    To know more about the different statuses, please read here.


    This column contains the date and timestamp of the creation of the account. 

    Last Login

    This column contains the date and timestamp of the latest login of the employee.

    *attribute(s) name*

    This column contains the values of the attribute(s), if any.

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