Introduction to users, statuses and attributes





About Users Management

Clicking on User management, then Employees allows you to have an overview of the employees currently created on the platform.

From the dashboard you will see both the list and the number of Active (mceclip0.png), Pending (mceclip1.png) and Archived (mceclip1.png) accounts.

Accounts on the platform must have the following information, as they are required (mceclip0.png) when creating an account.

NB: Please note that the labels of the mandatory fields MUST be exactly as shown below as the User Management module is case sensitive. We advise to copy/paste the labels from the table below in order to avoid misspelling errors.

Label Description
First name This field should contain the first name of the employee you are adding the account for.
Last name This field should contain the last name of the employee you are adding the account for.

This field should contain the email address of the employee you are adding the account for.

NB: The email address must be a unique value, the system does not allow two accounts to share the same email address.

External ID

This field should contain the unique identifier for this account in the system. 

If you have SSO integration, this field will have to be populated with the SSO name. To know more about SSO, please read here.

NB: All the above fields are mandatory, you will not be able to proceed in adding the account if you don't fill them out.


Access rights within the platform are governed by pre-defined user roles.

About Account statuses

When an account is Active it means that the employees has already accessed the portal and has completed the account activation process.
When an account is Pending it means that the account has been added to the portal, but the employee hasn't logged in yet.

NB: Accounts that were have been un-archived, will be initially set to Pending (mceclip1.png) until the employee follows the First time login process. To know more about how to activate an account, please read here.


When an account is Archived (mceclip1.png) it means that the account has been soft deleted, so the employee will not be able to access the portal and this account will not be included in the data completion of a campaign.

This soft deletion is reversible. To know how to unarchive an account, please read here.


Please find below a summary of the statuses that will follow specific actions:



About Attributes

Attributes are criterion that may be used as scoping values for groups. These are place holders for further information (other than the required information listed above), this information could be used to scope groups and consequently scope campaigns. 

Attributes are required to have an Attribute name and, depending on the type of attribute, values.


Types of Attributes

The types of attributes depend on the values one wants to set up for the attributes.

For example, if the attribute name is Is Manager then the values could be either Yes or No. In this case the recommended type of attribute would be the Options (mceclip5.png).

There are different types of attributes that can be set up on our system, please find more details below.

Label Description

This type allows the value field to be a free text.

NB: Because of the nature of this field, there could be typos or discrepancies in the values (for example both Gan and GAN will be accepted by the system.


This type allows the value field to be a date with the date format being DD/MM/YYYY

NB: Because of the nature of this field, only dates will be accepted as values.


This type allows number based values.

NB: Because of the nature of this field, alphanumeric values will not be accepted.


This type allows to setup lists with multiple fixed values

NB: Because of the nature of this field, the list of available options is to be considered as exhaustive.

User This type allows to setup user based values

Examples of attributes by type

Below you will find a list of concrete examples used to clarify how the different types of attributes work. Please do not consider the following examples as exhaustive list of all the possibilities.

The images shown are taken from User Management> Create (or Edit) account.

Text mceclip1.png
  • Text (no limit to the number of accepted values)
    • Attribute name: Department
    • Values: HR, R&D, IT Onsite, IT Offsite, etc... 


Date mceclip2.png
  • Date (this type of attribute will open a calendar, from which you can choose the needed date)
    • Attribute name: Hire date
    • Values: DD/MM/YYYY



Number mceclip6.png
  • Number (any number number will be accepted, alphabetic values will not show in the field)
    • Attribute name: HR ID
    • Values: 12345678


  • Option (this type of attribute will open a drop-down menu with the previously added values, only a fixed amount of values will be available)
    • Attribute name: Team
    • Values: CS, Support and R&D


  • User (this type of attribute is connected to another account on the system)
    • Attribute name: Manager
    • Value: Manager's email address


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