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The GAN platform is an online application that can be configured in various languages. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), core functionalities are available in selected languages and these will need to be enabled by your GAN Implementation Manager or by GAN Support.

Once a language is made available, both Employee and Compliance manager view will be translated. This will affect the parts that are considered the core functionalities of the system. 

Any customization on content such as additional fields in Due Diligence, Questionnaires, Policy documents, E-Learning etc. will not be automatically translated and will need to be made available; if the languages for the aforementioned do not exist then the default language content will be applied. 


Language Support Overview 

The default language of the system is English (US), but this can be configured upon request.

The Country flag representing the language can be also be changed upon request.

Supported languages are listed below including example countries that would represent the language through a country flag as per ISO 3166.   


Language Name
Native Name
Country (ies)
Bulgarian българскиезик Bulgaria
Chinese 中文(Zhōngwén) China, Macao, Singapore
Czech čeština Czech Republic, Slovakia
Danish dansk Denmark, Faroe Islands
Dutch Nederlands Netherlands, Suriname
English English United Kingdom, United States
French français France, Canada, Switzerland
German Deutsch Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Greek ελληνικά Greece, Cyprus
Hungarian magyar Hungary
Indonesian BahasaIndonesia Indonesia
Italian italiano Italy, San Marino
Japanese 日本語(にほんご) Japan
Korean 한국어 Republic of Korea
Malay bahasaMelayu Malaysia, Indonesia
Norwegian Bokmål Norskbokmål Norway
Polish językpolski Poland
Portuguese português Portugal, Brazil, Angola
Russian русскийязык Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan
Spanish español Spain, Argentina, Mexico
Thai ไทย Thailand
Turkish Türkçe Turkey, Cyprus
Ukrainian українськамова Ukraine
Vietnamese TiếngViệt Vietnam



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