Product Update March 2023



What's new

Quick Actions

Quick access to actions is now made even quicker with the display of the actions button on your application list view allowing you to quickly move matters along without having to navigate each and every entity on the list. All actions accessible from your actions button will be visible from your overview page. If you would like to enable this new change, please reach out to your customer success manager or support team.


User Experience Improvements

Ensuring that the platform offers a world-class user experience is an ongoing development priority. We are therefore continuously improving the interface to make it easy and intuitive for our users to navigate. You will notice improvements to the quick view functionality; as a default, you can view every questionnaire, investigation, mitigation, or any other object related to your main entity details page. Similarly, status icons displayed on the status panels have become more prominent to clearly visualize the status and the step the user is navigating within the platform at any point in time. 


Transparency International 

We have recently updated the platform's country risk scores to reflect Transparency International's 2022 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) results, enabling you to conduct third-party risk assessments based on the latest country corruption indicators. You can find the latest CPI results here.


Coming soon

As part of creating an enhanced stakeholder collaboration experience, Notes was launched to enable better interaction among users on the platform. These interactions will be made even more intuitive through a soon to be available email integration allowing stakeholders to respond to notifications directly via their email. The platform will fetch and store responses received through email in the appropriate Notes section related to a given matter. The Notes email integration allows stakeholders to provide input to matters directly from their email and without having to access the Integrity Platform ensuring quick and seamless collaboration across the business. If you are interested in being the first to test out this new integration when it becomes available, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

It will soon be possible to leverage multi-language notifications. This upcoming release will allow you to reach your audience in their preferred language ensuring greater adoption and accessibility to your compliance program. We will also be releasing a brand new landing page to provide users with a tailored and user-friendly overview of all available actions. We can't wait for these enhancements to get into your hands. Stay tuned for our next Integrity Platform update!

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