Product Update November 2022




This article covers the following topics:

  • Elevating stakeholder collaboration with "Notes"  

  • Enhanced productivity with "Alert Filters"

  • Improving user experience through "Saved Views" 

Better collaboration with a new Notes functionality 

When additional information needs to be communicated ad hoc, when stakeholders have to be engaged at scale, yet no relevant data field or action button maps to your need, the new Notes creates an integrated workspace that allows for free collaboration and instant stakeholder engagement. 

Notes today substitute what used to be “Comments” to provide users with a much more collaborative communication tool that accommodates longer notes, attachments, and @ mentions. With Notes, you can sort through information and download conversations to thoroughly, assess and investigate every matter submitted through the Integrity Platform. 

Notes are available on the Integrity Platform as part of an enhanced Stakeholder Experience which lends itself to every platform application to allow for more efficient collaboration with every compliance process. 


Enhanced productivity with "Alert filters" 

All customers integrating Control Risks’ VANTAGE Screening with their third party due diligence application can now leverage alert filters. VANTAGE screening monitoring alerts can now be filtered to only show third parties and related entities with a monitoring alert pending review and leave out alerts that have been resolved. This will allow users to more quickly identify which alerts still need attention.

Customized user views 

To enable a better user experience at every interaction, the new saved views feature allows every user to customize views of items or tasks to create a focused work environment in the platform. Users can now create a tailored view by setting filters, selecting columns, and limiting the number of displayed rows. Once created and named, the view can be saved to the user’s menu list for easy and quick access, creating more efficiency at every interaction. 

Saved views will be available for every platform application, creating a more efficient user experience at every touchpoint. 


New dashboard filters 

To ease the reporting experience it is now possible to narrow down the data to be displayed on application dashboards by selecting the filter(s) using the newly added “Apply Filters” button. 

This gives you more power over dashboard filtering and reduces loading time. You can enable and disable the "Apply Filters" button by using the toggle on the filter panel. When disabled dashboards will refresh automatically every time a filter is selected.

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