Product Update January 2023




Welcome to your monthly product update! 

Notifications Center 

Enhancing the user experience on the Integrity Platform is always front and center for our product teams. For this reason, users will now receive in-app alerts via the newly released Platform Notification Center. You can now see all notifications, otherwise pushed out via email, bringing your attention to outstanding actions directly within the platform. You can access all notifications via the newly added bell icon in the top right corner of your application. By clicking on the Notification Center icon, a drop-down will appear displaying all unresolved notifications, each of which will contain the corresponding email subject line, relevant application on the platform as well as the associated item (for instance a third party, disclosure, request, etc.). 

All notifications will be displayed over a 30-day time span, giving you ample time to resolve action items at your pace. Following the set timeframe, the notifications will be deleted. If you have any questions related to this release like or turn off notifications, please reach out to your customer success manager or support team.

Easing navigation with interactive breadcrumbs 

Navigating the different pages of applications has just become easier. Today, the page you are on will display clickable breadcrumbs on the screen’s top left corner, thereby replacing the arrow that previously only led users back one step on their journey. Leveraged as a secondary navigation aid, the breadcrumbs will display the relation between the pages and allow you to easily navigate back to previous views.

Country code validation 

Upon the creation of a third party through APIs, the platform will validate the accuracy of the country code against ISO 3166 standard. The validation process ensures that country names and country codes are standardized and matching, eliminating any misspells and human errors, to prevent inaccurate country information to be fetched during the third-party screening process. 

The validation process will apply to third parties created through your API integration and bulk upload, where accurately entered country codes will trigger the country name field to automatically populate. The platform relies on the country code to match the correct country name, you should therefore ensure that the country code entered is correct.  

Improved campaign overview

Your policy and training campaigns overview page has now been updated to display an “Inactive” label to indicate all completed and inactive campaigns. All inactive campaigns can be found below all active ones. Segregating active vs inactive campaigns has also been applied to the platform’s completion rate calculations, where only active campaigns data is taken into account. This has been reflected in the nomenclature with the top right total rate calculated now titled “Active completion rate”.  


Third-party revetting process 

All changes applied to third-party due diligence processes have an impact on revetting workflows, meaning that newly required information will need to be retrospectively captured with every revetting process. To prevent users from moving forward with re-vetting without adding the newly required information,  all news data fields have now become required. As such, missing data will be flagged in a pop-up notifying the user of the required answers before proceeding.  It is only when the mandatory fields are filled out, that users can move forward with the revetting process.

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