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  1. Reminders
  2. Deferred Actions
  3. Risky Business Podcast: Gillian Paul of Danone

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We’re thrilled to announce that reminders can now be configured by your support team, allowing you to automatically send reminders. Reminders can be set to automatically go out within a timeframe that is set by the user to ensure tasks are completed on time. For example, if a conflict of interest declaration is pending review and the assigned manager does not review the declaration within the set timeframe, an automated email is sent to the reviewer reminding them of the outstanding task. Reminders can be configured for all ICM-powered applications.


Deferred Actions

Deferred actions are now available allowing you to schedule one or multiple actions in the workflows to be automatically triggered within a uniquely specified timeframe without any manual intervention. For example, when an assessment is set to be carried out on a given risk every six months, deferred actions enable such assessments to be triggered every six months without users having to manually intervene to start the workflow. Deferred actions can be configured for all ICM-powered applications. Please reach out to your relationship manager if you would like to benefit from this feature.


Risky Business Podcast

Gillian Paul, Global Integrity Director Danone


What does ethics have to do with compliance? Gillian Paul, the Global Integrity Director for Danone, believes businesses must have a clear grasp of ethical standards in the C-suite. This understanding of compliance filters down to the rest of the company.

In this episode, Gillian talks about the importance of ethics in compliance as a business model. She gives insight on the need for taking time to understand the challenges that your colleagues face around the world. We also discuss how compliance is changing in the digital world.

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