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This article covers the following topics: 

  1. Sticky Filters & Reset Filters

  2. Configurable Third Party Persons Overview Table 

  3. Input Validation for Third Party Name

  4. Sanctions: An Industry-by-Industry Look


Featured Update

Sticky Filters & Reset Filters

Sticky filters are now available in the Due Diligence application allowing users to tailor the table view as long as needed while honing in on third party relationships. Previously, selected filters would automatically reset whenever users navigate away from the third party relationship table. An additional “Reset filters” button has been added to the table view allowing you to reset the filter when you wish to revert back to the general third party overview.



Additional Releases

Configurable Third Party Persons Overview Table 

With the goal of improving the user experience as well as reducing the disparities between the third party Persons and third party Company functionalities, it is now possible to configure the third party Persons overview table to only show the desired data. By selecting specific fields in the new “Table settings” you can tailor the third party overview table to only display the columns that reflect the selected data points. The same functionality is also available for Third Party Companies.

Input Validation for Third Party Name

It is now only possible to input third party names that are shorter or equal to 100 characters. This change has been implemented to encourage input of third party Person and Company names that are as close as possible to the actual entity name, to ensure a more accurate screening result when the third party entity is submitted to screening and monitoring during the due diligence process. This change applies to both the manual process of creating third parties as well as when inputting new relationships via the API.



Sanctions: An Industry-by-Industry Look


Navigating the world of trade sanctions was never easy even under the best of circumstances. Now Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the blizzard of sanctions that Western nations have imposed in response, have made compliance all the more challenging.

Businesses need to prepare for the challenges at hand — which means taking a close look at sanctions rules, understanding their impact on your industry, and assuring you have a compliance program suited to the task.

Read more here!

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