Product update January 2022




Product Update January 2022

This article covers the following topics: 


  1. Quick Preview of submissions
  2. Emergency Response Integration
  3. Reporting Portal Improvements
  4. New Hires! More expertise at your service 

Quick Preview of submissions


It is now possible to preview the details of your case, gifts, declaration or any other submission on the list view by clicking on the newly added “eye” icon to the right of your table on your application hub. Clicking the icon will trigger a navigation drawer that slides in from the right of your screen overlaying your list view.

The quick preview spares you the hassle of clicking away from your list view to take a deeper dive into the details of a particular submission. You can also take action from the Quick Preview drawer. The available actions you can take are similar to those on the submission details page. If the submission you are reviewing is connected to another entity in the application, you will also be able to view the actions related to that entity.  

This feature is only available for the Investigations, Gifts & Entertainment, Conflicts of Interest, Risk Management, and custom process applications. 


Emergency Response Integration

An emergency response integration is now available in the GAN ICM platform allowing you to quickly resolve critical incidents by instantly alerting the stakeholders of cases that require immediate attention. The available integration is with PagerDuty; a service that allows for the escalation of emergencies to designated platform users at the frequency and via the channels of your choice. 

In order for you to activate the emergency response feature in your Investigations application you must first:

  • Set up a PagerDuty account. 
  • Share account information, such as the API access key, with your GAN relationship manager who will establish the integration between your PagerDuty account and your Investigations instance. 
  • Decide on when your Investigations workflow should trigger an incident response to allow your GAN support team to configure triggers at the appropriate stage. 

Once the integration with your PagerDuty account is set up, you can control which employee or employee group will be alerted upon the submission of critical or urgent reports, the frequency of the alerts, as well as the exact step of the workflow you deem appropriate for the escalation. 

Please reach out to your relationship manager for more information on how to connect your GAN Investigations application with PagerDuty. 


Reporting Portal Improvements

The reporting portal through which employees can submit incident reports has been updated to now display the language toggle button at the very top allowing employees to immediately select their preferred language as soon as they land on the portal. Previously, the language toggle appeared at the bottom of the reporting portal, making it difficult to locate for employees submitting a report. The change will improve the user experience of employees interacting with the portal and thereby ensure that the process of submitting reports is intuitive and familiar. 


Transparency International 2021 CPI update 

We’re updating the due diligence platform’s risk scoring system to reflect Transparency International’s 2021 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) scores, enabling you to conduct third-party risk assessments based on the latest country corruption indicators.


New Hires! More expertise at your service 

We’re excited to announce that Philip Shwartz joined GAN Integrity as Vice President of Customer Care. Philip has ample experience working with and scaling customer success teams at SaaS, data centric companies, and is passionate about fostering the best customer relationship teams to always bring value to customers. Leading the support team is our new head of Global Support, Taylor Rooney. Taylor is a hands-on leader with a customer-first mindset ensuring that feedback is always heard and improvements are continuously implemented for an optimal customer experience. 


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