Product Update February 2022




Product Update February 2022


This article covers the following topics: 

  1. Create and Attach Recipients to Submissions in One View
  2. In-App Translation Content Now Processed in the EU 

  3. New Platform Icons
  4. Performance and System Update

Create and Attach Recipients to Submissions in One View 

You can now easily create and attach recipients to a submission related to any GAN ICM powered compliance application. For instance, when creating a gift request or a conflict of interest declaration you can easily attach recipients to the submission by selecting a person or a company from a new drop-down menu on the submission. If the recipient does not exist in the platform you can easily create a new person or company without leaving the screen by simply clicking the create button on the table prompting a navigation drawer in which you can input the information related to the new recipient you are about to create. This new feature will allow all users to seamlessly connect existing and new recipients to submissions from one single screen greatly improving efficiency and the overall user experience.



In-App Translation Content Now Processed in the EU 

All GAN ICM-powered processes house an in-app translation functionality allowing you to instantly translate contents directly in the interface. Previously, translated content was processed via a US server as the Google Translation service integrated with the GAN ICM platform only supported a US endpoint for data processing and storage. Google has recently made an EU endpoint available for processing and storing data. To ensure full compliance with EU privacy and GDPR regulations, GAN will now only make use of the EU endpoint to process and store all translated data. This change is not applicable to the Due Diligence and Policy Deployment applications.  

Please note that the Google Translate functionality within GAN Integrity’s ICM Platform is the business version of Google Translate, namely Google’s “Cloud Translation API”, and is subject to different terms than the free-of-charge consumer version of the service. In particular, the Cloud Translation API is provided on terms that are more protective of your data; for example, Google does not have ownership of your translation content nor can Google use such content for its own purposes, such as analyzing and improving its translation software. Please refer to Google Cloud’s Data Usage FAQs for further details.


New Platform Icons  🎉

As part of our goal to create an enhanced user experience, we have added the ability to add icons to the platform. Icons will not only add a dash of color to your screen but will create visual cues that make it easier to quickly scan and discern information.



Performance and System Update

We have experienced a system hiccup with the campaign scheduled email links related to our Policy Deployment application. These have now been fixed and you can expect the email links to be valid for a full 7-day timeframe timeline.

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