Product Update November 2021




Product Update November 2021

This article covers the following topics:

  1. Multiple Third-Party Ownership
  2. Enhanced Group Criteria Management 
  3. Performance and Stability Update 
  4. GAN Academy


Multiple Third-Party Ownership

It is now possible to automatically assign multiple owners to a third party in the Due Diligence application via your API. When creating a third party, users can choose to assign additional owners to the profile with no limits placed on the number of third-party owners that can be added. If you would like to deploy the new feature, please reach out to your relationship manager. If you do not wish to add multiple owners to any given third party then no action is needed. This new feature does not affect ongoing third-party due diligence workflows. 


Enhanced Group Criteria Management

The group criteria functionality in user management has been improved to ensure a more seamless experience for users editing groups. Users, with permissions through their respective roles or via the platform’s governance setup, can now add multiple attributes or values within the same group criteria simultaneously, allowing for a much quicker and more efficient group management process. The platform has also been updated to now detect duplicate values. Such actions will prompt an error message and disable the “save” button ensuring that the value list does not contain any duplicates. 



Performance Update

Following a VANTAGE sanctions screening, full VANTAGE screening steps are now kicked off even when the VANTAGE sanction step does not render any results. Previously, workflows configured to trigger full screenings were halted when sanction screening results returned no matches. Users can now expect a full screening of a third party to be automatically prompted even when no matches on sanctions are returned. 


GAN Academy

In case you missed our new knowledge hub launch last month, please visit GAN Academy; a brand new portal filled with comprehensive video tutorials on everything related to the GAN platform. We will be adding exciting new video content regularly to cover our entire suite of applications for a quick and easy overview on how to use your compliance platform.  

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