⚠️ SSO Certificate Update on November 17 ⚠️



As part of standard security procedures GAN will use a renewed security certificate for SSO integration, following a maintenance window scheduled for November 17 (Wednesday).

On November 17th GAN's certificate used to sign and encrypt SAML assertions from your identity provider will no longer be valid. Please find below a new one to be installed at that date (not before).

If the new certificate is not installed, users will no longer be able to sign in using SSO. Most users will have an active session for up to 7 days, so not everyone will be affected immediately.

Installing the new certificate prior to that date will result in users not being able to log in until we change it on our end on Nov 17.

If you are currently not using SSO feature on our platform, then you do not have to take any action.



What is the impact of this change?
💡 If you are using GAN's SSO to login to GAN Integrity platform, you will no longer be able to login.


What do I need to do for preventing any login issues?

💡 Provide the NEW CERTIFICATE (see link above) to your IT team to replace it on the systems for login e.g. Microsoft Azure

Does my IT team have to take any other actions?

💡 No they just have to replace this certificate

When should the IT team perform this change?

💡 GAN Integrity will perform the change on November 17th 2021 at 10:00 UTC+1, after this window your IT team should make the change.



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