Product Update October 2021


Product Update July 2021

This October product update covers the launch of GAN Academy.

GAN Academy 

With the goal of improving your experience using the platform, we have launched GAN Academy; a brand new portal filled with how-to videos on everything related to your due diligence platform. Today, GAN Academy includes nine videos covering third-party creation and approval, internal and external questionnaires, screenings and enhanced due diligence reports, third-party rejection, and revetting.



All the content included in GAN Academy is indexed and searchable, allowing you to easily navigate directly to the spot in the video containing the exact answer you're looking for. You can browse content in a number of different ways. For instance, you can filter your search from the sidebar available on your screen which will include a list of the most tackled topics. 



You can narrow down your search by browsing through the Questions section. This will allow you to quickly sift through the content of videos whenever you are trying to find an answer to a specific question. 



You can also type keywords into the top search bar triggering a dropdown with a set of questions that include the searched term enabling you to quickly find the spot you are looking for. 


GAN Academy will increasingly include more how-to videos covering to eventually include every compliance process we offer. Upcoming how-to videos will focus on the Policy Deployment application, in which campaign management will be covered extensively. 

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