Product Update September 2021




This September product update covers the following topics:

  • Updated Third-Party Due Diligence Reporting Dashboard
  • Improved Browser Print Functionality

Updated Third-Party Due Diligence Reporting Dashboard


Understanding how vendors are moving through your due diligence program and getting insight into third party risk assessments are key components to a successful third party due diligence program. For these reasons, we have updated your third party due diligence reporting dashboard to include additional charts and visualizations. Each of these will allow any user with a Compliance Manager or Local Compliance manager role to maintain a better overview of their third party population and due diligence process. The visualizations include:

  • Third parties by risk rating
  • Third parties by location corruption rating
  • Third parties by storage status 

Third parties by risk rating

The 'Third parties by risk rating' chart displays the number of third parties with a certain risk level attached within a given quarter allowing you to quickly spot the overall level of exposure to third party risks. Note that only third parties that have received a risk rating will be displayed on this chart. 

Third parties by location corruption rating

It’s critical for your business to know if the locations it is connected to are considered corrupt or not. As with our questionnaire scoring, we use Transparency International’s renowned Corruption Perception Index to help provide that information within the GAN Due Diligence context.

Third parties by Storage 

The third party by storage chart will allow you to quickly spot which third parties have been archived. This visualization will help you understand how many third parties have been archived over time. 

This first release iteration does not include drill-down and filtering capabilities, however, these will be available to our customers within the next few months, so stay tuned for a further enhanced due diligence reporting experience! 

Improved Browser Print Functionality 


We have improved the GAN platform’s browser print functionality to enable users with an improved and better-structured layout of pdf prints. Due to the potential sensitivity of the data you have stored in the platform, we advise you to use the print functionality with care. 

All updates are already visible and functioning on your platform, and we can’t wait to get these product enhancements and releases into your hands. 


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