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The User API documentation powered by the user service can be used to integrate with the GAN Integrated Compliance Management (GAN ICM) application, a cloud-based SaaS platform. The User API documentation is accessible here.

Directly via the API, it enables a client to:

  • create new users
  • update existing users
  • archive existing users
  • retrieve information about users
  • retrieve a list of user profiles
  • retrieve a list of available attributes


The user service exposes an Application Programming Interface (API), a software intermediary that enables external systems to communicate with GAN ICM. By enabling the user-service, tenants can in near real-time, create a user in their own system (e.g. HR, Onboarding, or Payroll application), which will also reflect in GAN ICM, and thus these users are immediately introduced to any applicable compliance processes. The tenant is defined by the subdomain (client name) of the instance i.e., whereby the subdomain enables the use of all GAN ICM services. After creating a new user profile in GAN ICM via the user-service, operations such as updating groups, campaigns, and access groups are performed, asynchronously.

Rate Limiting

GAN Integrity requires our tenants to be good API citizens to ensure a stable service. Therefore we enforce the following rate-limits:

  • 10 requests per second per IP Address
  • 50 requests per second per tenant
  • Should there be a violation of fair-use, requests will be automatically blocked.


Aside from the documentation, endpoints require authentication via an Authorization Header, which is provided to tenants on request; the Implementation or Account Manager at GAN Integrity can facilitate a feature to generate API tokens (confidential access keys) on-demand from the GAN ICM application.


Once the external integration is set up on the client-side, the user-service acts as a messenger to the tenant instance of GAN ICM to access the following endpoints:

Endpoint Description HTTP Request Method Path
Create a new user POST /users
Lookup multiple user profiles in GAN ICM GET /users
Lookup data stored in GAN ICM as on the user profile GET /users/{uuid}
Update data on a user profile PATCH /users/{uuid}
Lookup available attributes stored in GAN ICM GET /available-attributes

All aforementioned requests will require authentication and are solely available to tenants of GAN Integrity.


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