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This article provides instructions on how to access and query GAN Integrity's REST API.



The Due Diligence (DD) API documentation can be used to integrate with the GAN Integrated Compliance Management (GAN ICM) application, a cloud-based SaaS platform. The DD API documentation is accessible here.

Directly via the API, it enables a client to Lookup:

  • Companies
  • Persons
  • Documents
  • Reports
  • Questionnaires

Individually, for both Company and Person, it also enables to:

  • Create, Update and Delete Company
  • Create, Update and Delete Person
  • Create Document
  • Create Report
  • Create Company Questionnaire



This document covers the Due Diligence Module available to subscribed clients of GAN Integrity.

Please note: User Management in this documentation is deprecated. For GAN Integrity’s user-service documentation, visit the following endpoint: https://user.api.gan-compliance.com/docs



Before querying the API, your GAN Admin will generate an access key, which will be used to query GAN Integrity’s endpoints specifically for Due Diligence.

The API is reachable at: https://api.gan-compliance.com/api/v1/

Access to the GAN Integrity API is given only to existing customers and there is no anonymous access allowed.



At the moment basic authentication is the only method available that you can use for authentication against the GAN Integrity API. To use Basic Authentication you need to send and provide your authentication information in an "Authorization Header” with every request (apikey:secret). The API key and Secret need to both be concatenated and then Base64 encoded before proving the encoded value. Following this the below should be put into the http request header:

Authorization: Basic base64(apikey:secret)

The specifics of the authentication will depend on how you are integrating with GAN Integrity i.e. whether you are using curl or a particular client library.


Rate Limiting

GAN Integrity requires our tenants to be good API citizens to ensure a stable service. Therefore we enforce the following rate-limits:

  • 10 requests per second per IP Address
  • 50 requests per second per tenant
  • Should there be a violation of fair-use, requests will be automatically blocked.


Questions are welcome

Contact us through your GAN Solution Delivery Manager, GAN Relationship Manager, or GAN Support




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