Product Update February 2021




This article covers the following topics:

  • Transparency International 2020 CPI update 
  • Additional Third Party Persons Filters
  • Upgraded Identity Manager Role 
  • Performance & Stability Update 


Transparency International 2020 CPI update 

At GAN, we are all about data-driven third party risk assessments. We have, therefore, recently updated the due diligence platform’s risk scoring system to reflect Transparency International’s 2020 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) scores, enabling you to conduct third party risk assessments based on the latest country corruption indicators. 

As much as we are thrilled to be on top of all the latest risk assessment data out there, we are less enthusiastic about TI’s 2020 CPI results reflecting little to no progress in the fight against corruption over the past decade in most indexed countries. The TI report also highlights that corruption has undermined COVID-19 government responses globally. The most significant improvements in CPI scoring were recorded in Ecuador, Greece, South Korea and Myanmar. 

Interested in digging deeper into country risks? We invite you to visit GAN’s Risk & Compliance Portal with a collection of more than 130 country risk assessment reports covering every country’s unique sectors, legislation and freedom of the media. For more information on Transparency International’s CPI, click here.

Additional Third Party Persons Filters

When browsing your third party persons via the third party overview table in the Due Diligence platform you can now drill down using newly added filters including category, review state and additional fields, in addition to the already existing screening status, location, company relation, and monitoring alerts filters. 



Upgraded Identity Manager Role 

The identity managers role access has been upgraded to also include Attribute Settings allowing all identity managers to add or edit employee attributes. Attributes are criterion that may be used as scoping values for groups and consequently scope policy and training campaigns, which, in turn, allow compliance teams to get the right content to the right people. 



Performance & Stability Update 

Sorting through your employee data via your overview table is now applicable across the entire employee database and not just the first page the user is navigating. Users can sort through employees by employee name, email, username, or creation date.

For security reasons, multiple platform login attempts automatically lead to a temporarily locked account and users will be prevented from temporarily logging in. Upon such occurrences, the system will automatically notify users via email that their accounts have been temporarily locked. Users can login again at a later point in time or reset their password via the link provided in the email to regain access.


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