Product Update January 2021




This article covers the following topics: 

  1. In-App Translations 
  2. Due Diligence Questionnaire List Builder 
  3. Due Diligence Persons Export 


In-App Translations

All GAN ICM-powered processes now house in-app translations allowing compliance managers working with a multilingual employee population to seamlessly translate the contents of a report, request, declaration, or other, directly in the interface. The original and translated text will be displayed side by side on your screen allowing you to efficiently process tasks and effectively manage global compliance processes, at scale. 

Please note that the Google Translate functionality within GAN Integrity’s ICM Platform is the business version of Google Translate, namely Google’s “Cloud Translation API”, and is subject to different terms than the free-of-charge consumer version of the service. In particular, the Cloud Translation API is provided on terms that are more protective of your data; for example, Google does not have ownership of your translation content nor can Google use such content for its own purposes, such as analyzing and improving its translation software. Please refer to Google Cloud’s Data Usage FAQs for further details.


If you would like to turn this feature on for any of your ICM processes, please contact your account manager at 


Due Diligence Questionnaire List Builder 

It is now possible to paste a list of answer options when creating a questionnaire in the due diligence platform making it much easier and faster to create questions where a respondent is required to choose an answer from a long list of options.
When using a Dropdown, Multi Select, Checkbox, or Multiple Choice question, you can copy paste your list of options from a spreadsheet directly into a popup, which will automatically convert your list into answer options in the questionnaire. When pasting your list, make sure that the first column includes the list items. If an item has a point score, include the point score in the second column. Both items and points can be edited after being added to both the popup and the questionnaire.



Due Diligence Persons Export

When exporting third party persons data in your Due Diligence platform, your CSV export will reflect the filters applied in your third party persons table so that the CSV export only shows the rows displayed in the filtered table view. This enhancement will allow users to get just the right information they need in their CSV exports.  


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