Product Update November 2020




This article covers the following topics: 

  1. Changing Mitigation Task Owners
  2. Reminder: IE 11 browser support removal 
  3. Ability to Hide the Creation Button 
  4. Improved Due Diligence Menu 
  5. Improved Comment Section Behavior 
  6. Display of Reference Data 
  7. Improved Filtering 
  8. Enhanced CSV Export for Third-Party Persons
  9. Improved Third-Party Screening Table

Changing Mitigation Task Owners

Compliance managers are now able to easily re-assign third party mitigation tasks to a different approver. Mindful that organizational change and rapidly maturing compliance teams are bound to affect operations and business responsibilities, we strive to ensure that the due diligence platform can adapt accordingly. 

This improvement will ensure that due diligence processes do not get stuck due to ‘incomplete’ mitigation tasks when relationship owners are no longer able to complete the validation. Whenever new users are assigned mitigation tasks the changes will be reflected in the platform’s activity log for later reference. Furthermore, reminders will automatically be routed to the appropriate relationship owner, while all notifications to the previous user will be disabled.



Reminder: IE 11 browser support removal 

We would like to remind you that support for Internet Explorer version 11 (IE 11) has ceased on November 30th, 2020. GAN applications and services rely on the most modern web standards and therefore no longer support IE 11. Additionally, our support portal on Zendesk has also removed support for IE11 on December 31st, 2019, and you will therefore not be able to leverage the portal when using IE 11. We strongly encourage you to update to the most recent versions of web browsers such as Microsoft Edge™, Google Chrome™, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox to ensure a seamless user experience. For further information on GAN supported browsers click here.

Ability to Hide the Creation Button 

It is now possible to hide the creation button from the overview of all GAN-ICM powered processes ensuring that workflows scale in accordance with the process structure design and giving users adequate context to move forward. Hiding the creation button where necessary will prevent investigations, evidence, interviews, and other case-related objects from being conducted in a vacuum and only in relation to a parent case. This functionality applies to all GAN ICM-powered processes. 

Improved Due Diligence Menu 

With the goal of continuously improving user experience, the Due Diligence process menu has been improved to highlight the item reflective of the page the user is navigating to. This improvement will allow users to quickly identify which part of the platform they’re viewing and easily navigate between the available pages and dashboards. 

Improved Comment Section Behavior

The comment section on all GAN ICM-powered processes has been adjusted to show the latest uploaded comment and/or information first. Previously, upon accessing the comment section, users had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of conversations to find the latest comment. Today, the behavior of the section has been improved to display the latest added comment directly upon access.


Display of Reference Data 

With the goal of continuously improving process integrations and the connections between process milestones, it is now possible to include reference data in forms. This gives users relevant context and information when carrying out certain tasks with dependencies throughout the process. This may include, for instance, the ability to find the relevant information on a given risk when supplying establishing a complementary compliance control, or showing the description of a case incident when concluding an investigation. The reference data will be displayed as read-only and in the form of bullets for a more seamless experience. 


Improved Filtering

Whenever navigating between compliance processes and dashboards the filtering option will now save the number of all previously viewed items per page. All ICM-powered processes benefit from the improved filtering capabilities sparring users navigating between objects such as case details and investigations pages or even between processes such as Investigations and Risk Management the need to reset the number of items to be displayed.


Enhanced CSV Export for Third-Party Persons

When exporting third-party persons details into a CSV export you will now also find a record of the overall status of the third party relationship, giving you an overview of whether the relationship is pending, approved, approved with mitigation, or other. Note that the CSV export will now include two status fields, one indicating the overall status of the third party relationship, while the other will display the status of the third party screening. 

Improved Third-Party Screening Table 

Your third party screening table has been adjusted to now also include the type of screening carried out on a given third party. As such, you’ll be able to spot directly from your screening table whether a third party has been submitted to a ‘full screening’ or a ‘sanctions only’ screening rather than having to find the information by manually accessing each report returned. We hope that this platform addition will reduce the time spent on manual processing and move third parties faster through the due diligence process. 


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