Introduction to GANalytics



GANalytics Compliance Reporting Software

Supercharge your compliance program with world-class reporting and analytics platform, empowering you to make data driven-decisions, faster.

GANalytics is a reporting and analytics feature of GAN ICM. It reflects data into chart visualization for deep-dive analysis and dashboard reports. This empowers users to modify, customize, and export their reports for further analysis, enabling data-driven decision making.

Furthermore, it provides the opportunity for our users' to derive actionable insights using refreshed datasets. GANalytics supports out-of-the-box* compliance processes such as Gifts & Entertainment, Conflict of Interest, Investigations and Policy/Training Deployment in the GAN ICM platform. Custom processes including Risk Assessment can be supplemented with reports and dashboards through a GAN Implementation Manager. Other processes such as Due Diligence and modules included in the Campaign Manager are supported through a different feature, the Admin Dashboard.

GAN’s out-of-the-box* reporting and analytics dashboards are only available for select processes and include, per process,

  three (3) pre-defined visualizations curated by GAN based on your data,

  standard governance and

  standard colours.

The process for which you would like to activate GANalytics must be on the GAN ICM platform. The out-of-the-box configuration includes a brief analysis of your existing data points and the applicable default, basic set-up. Any additional configuration, further adjustments or consulting time requested may need to be scoped and priced accordingly.

The visualization of the data is controlled by Governance, so data is solely made available to users that are in scope. These are inherited from the permissions that were configured for the respective compliance processes. Data as well as the visualized charts can be exported to excel, csv, rtf (word processor format), and PDF, so it is encouraged that our users treat exported data as per their corporate policies.



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