Status and update of a submitted ticket


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Only signed in users are able to check the status of a submitted ticket (to know more about signed in users, please read here).

Once a ticket has been submitted, you will be able to follow the status of the ticket by accessing the ‘My Activities’ section as shown below.



Status of a Submitted Ticket

Below you will find the list of the statuses of the tickets on Support.

Label Description
Open Ticket is assigned to the GAN Support Team and is currently being worked
Pending GAN Support Team has reviewed ticket and additional details or
confirmation is needed from the user
Solved Ticket has been solved by the GAN Support Team and user is able to


Updating a submitted ticket

Once the GAN Support Team responds to a ticket, the Requestor and any individuals CC’d on
the ticket will receive an email notification that contains all tickets comments. Any replies to this
email notification will be captured directly by the ticketing system. 


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