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How to report an issue with a training

Our platform allows companies to upload training so that employees can take them anytime, anywhere, simply by logging in to the platform.

Before submitting a ticket to support regarding an issue you are experiencing with training, please go through the following steps and include the needed information on the ticket. These steps will avoid unnecessary back and forth via email and faster troubleshooting on Support's side. 

The more information you will be able to provide with the ticket, the better Support will understand the issue and the faster the resolution of it. 


Checklist for E-learning ticket

When submitting a ticket regarding issues with an E-learning, please add the following information. 


Which browser are you using to access the platform? Have you tried different ones? Is the issue the same across browsers?

NB: GAN advises all customers to use the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox as these are actively maintained by developers and are patched for performance and security updates regularly.


Could you write a couple of sentences explaining the issue you are experiencing?

NB: For example, tickets only stating that "It's not working" are time-consuming both for Support to troubleshoot and for you, as Support will have to answer back asking for further details which could entail delay in the resolution of the issue.


Could you attach a screenshot of the slide you are experiencing the issue on?

NB: The issue could be a blank page, a loading page, not being able to move forward from a specific slide, etc. No matter the issue, a visual attachment is always helpful to Support to investigate and understand further the issue.


Are you the only one experiencing the issue? Do you know of other colleagues that are facing the same difficulties?

NB: This is not a piece of necessary information and we do not expect you to know it, however, if you happen to have this information it would be useful for Support to investigate further into the issue.


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