How to use link(s) in campaign email template(s)




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About links

Links can be added to email templates in order to make emails sent from the platform include links to the platform itself or to others.

We advise you to add links to the login page of your platform in the email with a description of the first-time login and the reset password process.


How to add link(s) to campaign email template(s)

Links can be added to campaign email template(s) both for Draft (mceclip0.png) or Active (mceclip1.png) campaigns

  1. Select Campaign Manager from the sidebar and select the Draft (mceclip0.png) or Active (mceclip1.pngcampaign
  2. From the campaign details page, go to the Emails section
  3. Click on Create your first e-mail or on Add e-mail (mceclip2.png)
  4. You will be prompted with the Create e-mail template editor (mceclip2.png)
  5. In the email body ribbon click on Link then on Insert link


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