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About unpublishing a campaign

If a campaign is unpublished, employees will not be able to complete their tasks. 

Once a campaign is unpublished, the status of this campaign will change to Inactive (mceclip0.png). Some of the sections from the campaign details page can be edited only if a campaign is unpublished.

To know more about how to edit a campaign, please read here


How to unpublish an active campaign

  1. Select Campaign Manager from the sidebar and select the Active (mceclip3.png) campaign that needs to be unpublished
  2. In the campaign details page, click on the 3-dots button (mceclip0.png)  in the top right-hand corner of the page
  3. Click on Unpublish campaign (mceclip0.png)
  4. By doing so, you will be prompted with a warning and you will notice a checked box (mceclip1.png) saying Keep campaign visible for employees.
    • If this option is checked (mceclip1.png), the employees will be able to see the campaign and the included tasks when they access their portal. However they will not be able to complete the tasks, if still pending.
    • If this option is checked (mceclip2.png), the employees will not be able to see the campaign and the tasks that were included.
  5. Click on Unpublish to confirm



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