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About SCORM training

If you have opted for GAN-built courses, your Implementation Manager will upload them on Amazon's Web Service (S3) and the training's path will be shared with you.

NB: The topic below is relevant only if you have agreed with your GAN Implementation Manager upon the use of the SCORM trainings and if GAN has shared with you the path of the SCORM training.

If you have arrangements with a provider that is not GAN, but you wish to upload the training as a SCORM file onto the GAN platform please read here.


Add a non-GAN SCORM training

  1. Contact Support by filling in the form here and attach the story file to the ticket.
  2. Once Support has uploaded the file onto Amazon's Web Service, they will share the path with you.
  3. Once you have the path, follow the steps below.


GAN SCORM training file requirements

  1. GAN supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (1.3)
  2. HTML 5 compatible
  3. Cannot be a shell course: course must be a standalone file and cannot be streaming from an external source - (ISO compliance)
  4. Training cannot be reporting analytics back to an external source - (ISO compliance)


Add a GAN SCORM training

  1. Select Training Manager then E-Learning from the sidebar and click Create
  2. In the creation form, Basic section, fill out the necessary information:
    Label Description
    Title The title given to this training will be displayed to users viewing the training in the default language (most likely English (US)).
    Internal Notes

    Internal notes can be used to add information. These will be visible only to the managers that have created the e-learning and to those the e-learning was shared with.

    Local Compliance Manager Permissions

    E-Learnings can be shared with other Local Compliance Managers, you will have to select their name from the drop-down menu. By doing so, the selected Local Compliance Manager will be able to see and edit the E-Learning.

    Set Minimum Course Viewing Time (Minutes) Managers can set a minimum viewing time, by doing so employees that are recipients of the training will be able to complete it only when this viewing time has elapsed.

    NB: Please be aware that only Draft (  ) E-Learning can be deleted. To know more about how to delete an E-Learning, please read here.

  3. In the Upload or Link an E-learning Document section, select Add a link (mceclip3.png)
  4. You be asked to fill out the following information:
    Label Description

    The first E-Learning you add should be in the default language.

    Read more about the available languages here.

    E-Learning Title

    This title will be visible to users that have selected the above language for their portal.


    A description of the e-learning can be added in this section and will be visible only for employees that have chosen this language for their portal

    NB: Remember to check (  ) the This is a SCORM training box, above the Link field.

    Link This is where you have to add the SCORM path provided you by GAN.
  5. Click on SAVE PROGRESS


Edit a SCORM training

SCORM trainings are to be handled as any other link (e.g. a website).

To learn more about how to edit an existing E-Learning, please read here.




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