How to add tasks to a draft campaign





About adding tasks to a draft campaign

Tasks include Policies, Surveys, Tests and E-Learnings.

The tasks that are available in the Tasks section list, are only the tasks that have been previously published.

To know more about:

  •  How to publish a Policy, read here.
  •  How to publish a Survey, read here.
  •  How to publish a Test, read here.
  •  How to publish an E-Learning, read here.

NB: Tasks cannot be added to an Active (mceclip1.png) campaign, in order to add them to an existing campaign you will have to un-publish the campaign. To know more about how to unpublish a campaign, please read here


Add a task to a draft campaign

      1. Select Campaign Manager from the sidebar and select the Draft (mceclip0.png) campaign
      2. From campaign details page, go to the Tasks section
      3. Click on Add your first task or on Add task (mceclip2.png)
      4. The Task Manager form will open
      5. Search for the group you want to roll out the campaign to and check the box next (mceclip8.png) to the group's name
      6. If you click on Show (mceclip1.png) you will be able to filter the tasks by:
          •  Policy (mceclip2.png)
          •  Survey (mceclip4.png)
          •  Test (mceclip5.png)
          •  E-learning (mceclip6.png)
      7. Once you found the task(s) that you wish to add, check the box (mceclip7.png) next to the selected task(s) and then on ADD TASKS

        NB: You can select more than one task by checking (mceclip7.png) multiple boxes.

      8. Your task(s) will now show as a row in the Tasks section


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