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About Test Manager

Test Manager allows you to create, edit and maintain tests: these can then be deployed as a task in Campaigns.

NB: To know more about how to add a task to a campaign, please read here.

Create a test

  1. Select Training Manager then Test from the sidebar 
  2. In the creation form, Basic section, fill out the necessary information:
    • Title
    • Internal notes
    • Local Compliance Manager Permissions
    • Questions
    • Answers
    • Limitation
      Label   Description
      Title   The title given to this policy will be displayed to users viewing the policy in the default language.
      Internal notes   Internal notes can be used to add information. These will be visible only to the managers that have created the e-learning and to those the e-learning was shared with.
      Local Compliance Manager Permissions   Tests can be shared with other Local Compliance Managers, you will have to select their name from the drop-down menu. By doing so, the selected Local Compliance Manager will be able to see and edit the test.
      Questions   You can choose to randomize the questions, by ticking the relevant box (mceclip0.png).
      Answers   You can choose to randomize the answers and/or allow recipients to see the correct answers at the end of their test. Your choice must be done by ticketing the relevant box (mceclip0.png).
      Limitation   In this section you can set a Minimum passing grade (framed in %) and or the Maximum allowed attempts (meaning how many times after having failed a test, an employee can try again).
  3. After having filled in the needed information in the Basic section, go to the Test languages Section and click either on Build your first test or on Add a test (mceclip1.png)
  4. The Test editor will open showing Questions and Sitemap on the right hand side of the page. 
NB:   The first test will be created in the default language set up for your platform. To know more about how to add other languages to your test, please read here.


  1. In the Questions section you can select the type of question to add to your test
    Label   Description
    Multiple Choice (mceclip3.png)   Use this to create on-screen radio button options under the main question where users can select only one answer.
    Check-boxes (mceclip5.png)   Use this to create on-screen checkbox options under the main question where users can select one or more / all possible answers.
    True or False (mceclip7.png)   Use this to create a YES/NO type question with two options and only one correct one
  2. Once you have chosen the type of question, you will be have to fill in the following information:
    • Question
    • Score value
    • Answer
    • Explanation (optional)
      Label   Description
      Question   Use this box to type in your first question.
      Score value  

      The default value of a question is 1. If a question should weigh more or less than other ones, change the value of this box.

      Answer   Use this box to add your first answer.
      Explanation (optional)   Use this box to add an optional explanation to the correct answer
  3. In order to add an additional answer (only available for Multiple Choice and Check-boxes types of questions), click on ADD ANSWER OPTION
  4. By doing so, you will have another Answer box below the first one, where you can write your additional answer
  5. After all the needed answers have been added to your question, choose the correct answer by toggling the switch (mceclip1.png) next to it
  6. To add an additional question, click on the needed type of question in Questions section on the left hand side
  7. Remember to click on SAVE not to loose your progress.
NB: The SAVE button will be enabled only when the first question (and related answers) has been added


  1. In the Sitemap section you will see the list of all the questions that have been added to the test and the type of question (Multiple Choice, Check-boxes and True or False).
  2. By clicking on the 3-dots button (mceclip0.png)  next to a question you will be able to do the following actions with the concerned question:
    • Move up (mceclip9.png
    • Move down (mceclip11.png)
    • Duplicate (mceclip12.png)
    • Remove (mceclip13.png)
  3. Once all the needed questions have been added, click on SAVE and on back (mceclip0.png) to go back to the test details page.


Publish a test

  1. Select Training Manager then Test from the sidebar 
  2. Click on a Draft (mceclip1.png) Test
  3. Click Publish and confirm by clicking Publish again
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