Browser Compatibility


Officially supported browsers


Being a cloud-based platform, the Integrity Platform is an online application that is consumed through Web Browsers. We have collated an outline of officially supported browsers that enable users to take advantage of all products & features at the expected performance. Generally, updating to the most recent versions of browsers is key to benefit from optimum service, while staying safe and secure.


Browser Support Overview


Browser Family


End of Life

Microsoft® Internet Explorer®


December 31st 2020 (tbd)

Microsoft® Internet Explorer®

10 (sub-optimal) *

January 31st 2020 (tbd)

Microsoft® Edge

Latest two stable versions


Google Chrome™

Latest two stable versions


Apple® Safari®

Latest two stable versions


Mozilla Firefox

Latest two stable versions


GAN advises all customers to use Edge, Chrome or Safari as these are actively maintained by developers and are patched for performance and security updates regularly.
The platform is very likely to work on other browsers such as Opera but is not tested to the same degree as the officially supported browsers above.


Certain products have employee-facing interfaces that also support mobile and tablet browsers. 

Currently supported mobile and android browsers:

Apple iOS

  • Safari Mobile: latest two stable versions supported


  • Chrome Mobile: latest two stable versions supported
  • Firefox Mobile: latest two stable versions supported
  • Samsung Internet: latest two stable versions supported

Updates and changes

The available browsers and the capabilities of browsers will change over time. The term latest is defined by browser vendors. GAN reserves the right to phase out support for browsers as they become outdated. We encourage our users to update to the most recent and stable versions of web browsers for both security and performance reasons.

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