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About Categories


To add Categories to policies, the option has to be enabled for your company. If this is not the case and you need such a feature, please contact your Account Manager or Support

New Categories must be added from GAN. If you need new categories, please contact your Account Manager or Support.

Categories help to group policies by topic in the Policy Library.

This grouping will only be visible for Employees (and not for Managers) when accessing the Policy Library.

In the example shown below, the categories are Code of Conduct, HR Policies, IT Security, and Third Party Policies.



Adding a category to a new policy

Category is a mandatory field (if the feature is enabled) when filling in the policy creation form. In order for the Category drop-down to populate, start writing the name of the chosen category.

If you want to know more about how to add a new policy, please read here.


Update/Edit a category for an existing policy

Category is one of the fields (if the feature is enabled) that can be edited once a policy is published.

If you want to know more about how to edit a policy, please read here.

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