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About Policy Manager

The Policy Manager allows you to share and maintain policies, that can then be deployed to some or all Employees as part of Campaigns.

To know more about Campaigns, please read here.


Create a draft policy

Add a policy

  1. Select Policy Manager from the sidebar and click Create
  2. In the creation form, fill out the necessary information:
    • Policy name
    • Local compliance manager permissions
    • Notes
    • Category
    • Tags
    • Keywords
      Label   Description
      Policy name   The name of the policy will be visible only to Managers. The title of the policy will be, on the other hand, visible to users.
      Local compliance manager permissions   Policies can be shared with other Local Compliance Managers, you will have to select their name from the drop-down menu. By doing so, the selected Local Compliance Manager will be able to see and edit the policy.
      Notes   The notes will not be visible to users, but they are available for Managers viewing the policy details page.

      Start typing the name of the category you would like to apply to the policy then select the category from the drop-down menu. Categories help to group policies by topic in the Policy Library.

      This field may not be available for your company. To know more about categories, please read here.


      Adding a tag will make it easier for employees to search for this policy in the Policy Library. Tags are visible in the Policy Manager overview.

      To validate Tags, separate them with a comma (,) or with a semi-column (;).


      When a keyword is added it will automatically be indexed for search in Policy Library, making it easier for employees to search for this policy in the Policy Library. 

      To validate Keywords, separate them with a comma (,) or with a semi-column (;).

  3. Click Create


Upload a policy document

  1. On the policy details page, click Add language (mceclip2.png).
    NB: The first document you upload will always be in your company's default language, likely English (United States). Read more about platform languages here.
  2. Select a PDF file from your computer
  3. In the upload form for the document, provide the following information for the language in question:
    • Title
    • Description
      Label   Description
      Title   The title given to this policy will be displayed to users viewing the policy in the default language.
      Description   A description of the policy can be added in this section and will be visible only for employees that have chosen the default language for their portal
  4. Click Save
  5. Your policy is now active to be used in a campaign - Read more about how to add tasks to a campaign here.
    NB: The above title and description will be displayed to users viewing the policy in the selected language

Add the policy to the Policy Library

To know more about how to add a policy to the Policy Library, please read here.


Publish a policy

On your policy manager overview page, you will notice that a draft policy will be marked with status Draft.

  1. Click on a Draft (mceclip1.png) policy
  2. On the policy details page, you will notice a banner at the top of the page prompting you to publish the latest changes.
  3. Click Publish Changes and confirm by clicking Publish 
NB: Your policy is now ready to be added as a task to the campaign(s) - Please read here.
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