Product Update September 2023


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New Reporting & Analytics Experience 

Since the latest launch of our new Reporting & Analytics Experience on the Integrity Platform, we have successfully onboarded our full customer base onto the new reporting and analytics tool. This change implies that we will be discontinuing access to GANalytics, the Integrity Platform’s former reporting setup effective October 11, 2023.

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Why a new Reporting & Analytics Experience? 

In addition to features such as scheduling reports, filtering, saving, and downloading dashboard views, the platform’s new Reporting & Analytics Experience makes it possible to report on and analyze data from across the Integrity Platform without the limitations of application-based data segregation. The breakdown of these reporting boundaries means that your reporting dashboard can capture any data point from across the platform - regardless of application - to create a holistic view of your program.

Integrated reporting capabilities allow you to connect the dots between gifts and entertainment data, to antitrust investigations, and establish connections between incident reports and disclosed conflicts of interest, among many other use cases. 

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Please note that interconnecting data only applies to applications built on the Integrity Platform.  If you ever wish to make adjustments to your reporting setup or would like to share your feedback, please reach out via our standard support channels or your Customer Success Manager.

Accessing and sharing insights 

As part of the new experience, we have made accessing data much easier and quicker by providing access to all your dashboards in one view directly from the menu. This change makes the previous analytics icon on the table view obsolete and will therefore be removed. The new Reporting & Analytics Experience also comes with better-performing dashboards, wider visualization options, and drill-down capabilities. You can download your dashboard view, or a more granular version of it, using embedded filters, in the form of a PDF and share with teams and stakeholders across the organization. 

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The case of third party risk management 

If you are running your third-party risk management program on the Integrity Platform, you can leverage the new Reporting & Analytics Experience to ensure that your dashboard views are up to par with your holistic third-party management program. That includes comparing third-party assessments and monitoring data, connecting internal and external risks in a single dashboard, aggregating third-party risks spanning from ABAC to any other risk area, or flagging any conflicts, gifts, or investigation connected to a given third party in a single view. 

Ability to save questionnaires in draft form 

It is now possible to save questionnaires in draft form on the Integrity Platform. With the latest enhancements made to intake forms, which include the ability to embed multiple pages, the ability to save drafts of questionnaires contributes to an enhanced use experience, particularly for third parties disclosing high volumes of information. Saving questionnaire drafts will also allow third parties that require multiple stakeholder input to save information as they pass on questionnaires or collect data from other stakeholders in their business.

Have you missed the latest release in intake form enhancements? 

Intake forms across every application on the Integrity Platform have been redesigned to cater for a more inviting user experience. The forms can now accommodate an image to reflect your brand and different headers and content dividers providing for a more hierarchical form structure and a more legible layout. 

To further improve accessibility - especially of read-only form fields - we have increased the readability of labels. Additional intake form improvements include form validation where missing information in certain fields will be highlighted allowing users to quickly navigate the form and add the missing information before submission.  

Please note that these form enhancements are only applicable to the Integrity Platform intake forms. For any questions please reach out to your customer success manager. 

New Help link on the Platform Navigation 

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With the goal of easing access to support information and guidance to platform users, we have exposed the help link icon on the platform navigation bar. The link can direct users to any page or site of your choosing such as policies, FAQs, support centers, etc.

New pop-ups to confirm actions in the platform 

Further enhancing users’ experience in the platform, we have added confirmation pop-ups to ease the navigation of the platform at every step of the process. 

We can’t wait to get these new enhancements to the platform into your hands. If you would like to enable or optimize any of these new features and capabilities, please reach out to your customer success manager. 

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